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25,000 pipette tips - Georgia BioEd Institute

25,000 pipette tips

25,000 pipette tips

Georgia BioEd Institute’s Equipment Depot provides laboratory supplies, consumables and lendable equipment to middle and high school educators in Georgia. The supplies, donated by companies like VWR and Omega Biotek, are distributed to educators free of charge during Open House events like the two we held this past January.

46 teachers from 15 different school districts picked up 25,000 items from our Equipment Depot in January. Giddy shoppers left with cart-loads of pipettes, tips, gloves, gowns, beakers, graduated cylinders and other glassware, gel rigs, microcentrifuges, and more!


 The Equipment Depot program supports teachers of all subjects to implement biotechnology and laboratory activities in the classroom. In particular, we support the growth of biotechnology programs throughout Georgia by equipping teachers with the necessary equipment to perform the labs involved with the Biotechnology Career Pathway courses.

We are working now to replenish our shelves and prepare for Open Houses next fall. Over the next few years we plan to expand our stocks, develop a sustainable donor pipeline, and improve access for schools outside the metro region, potentially creating a fulfillment center to ship products throughout the state.

Want to help?

If you represent a life sciences company or research laboratory, please consider donating supplies to the Equipment Depot. Also, we are seeking an intern to help us manage and expand the Depot. Please contact us with your interest.