Bioscience Workforce Pipeline

Seamlessly Integrated Life Sciences Career Pathway

At Georgia Bio’s Education and Workforce Development Program we work to support the life sciences industries in Georgia by aligning the current and future workforce with their needs. We support workforce development through program creation in support of a seamlessly integrated life sciences career pathway from secondary education, post-secondary education to industry. We call this pathway the Bioscience Workforce Pipeline.

Education is the first step in the Bioscience Workforce Pipeline, driven by new competencies, common core and next generation science standards.

Our focus is to strengthen STEM education through laboratory science.

The next step in the Bioscience Workforce Pipeline is at the post-secondary level, with Georgia’s 4 year academic research institutions and professional programs and 2-year technical programs.

Our focus is to strengthen Georgia’s life sciences workforce through collaboration with Georgia’s Universities and Technical Colleges.

  • Technical College Biotechnology Programs creating skilled and work-ready technicians
  • Graduate level Professional degree programs generate expertise in the areas of biomedical engineering, manufacturing, regulatory affairs and business
  • Academic Research institutions technology transfer collaborations with industry

The last step in the Bioscience Workforce Pipeline is the active participation with our HR Network, comprised of member companies

Our focus is to support bioscience workforce development through training of current workforce and responsive to emergent and critical workforce needs.

  • Facilitating training at cost-savings for member companies
  • Developing innovative workforce solutions through emerging trends

The impact that the Life Sciences sector has on Georgia’s Economic Development is impressive, and critical to our sustained growth as a State. Biotechnology will lead the way in the health care revolution, materials development and a new era of energy development.