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All About Life Sciences - Georgia BioEd Institute

All About Life Sciences

Goals of the life sciences industry are to:PetreGloveimage

  • Improve the health of people and animals
  • Address environmental threats
  • Diagnose and treat diseases
  • Improve manufacturing technologies

The Numbers:

  • 73,000 individual biosciences businesses employed 1.6 million employees in 2012
  • 17% growth in the biosciences since 2007, nearly twice as much as other industries
  • During economic downturns biosciences are a more stable job source with 28 states gaining jobs during the economic recession from 2007-2012


Biotechnology is all around us and is already a big part of our lives, providing breakthrough products and technologies to combat disease, reduce our environmental footprint, feed the hungry, and make useful products. Even though we may not recognize it, we see it every day in our homes and workplaces, and everywhere in between. At its simplest, biotechnology harnesses cellular and biomolecular processes and puts them to work for us.

The Data for Georgia
18,025 jobs in life sciences companies
14,282 jobs from university life sciences research
7,551 jobs from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
$20 billion in cumulative sales (companies, research and CDC)
$9.3 billion in cumulative GDP
$557 million in cumulative tax revenues

Learn more from Shaping Infinity: The Georgia Life Sciences Industry Analysis 2012

Click Here to Learn More About How Biotechnology Heals, Fuels and Feeds the World from our National Partner BIO.


America’s medical technology companies play a pivotal role in diagnosing and providing quality treatment options for patients, improving outcomes, lowering health care costs and promoting economic growth. Products range from those developed and used by world leaders in medical science and care—such as nanotechnology, state of the art imaging and genetic testing—to the ones parents use everyday, such as bandages, thermometers and catheters.

The Data for Georgia
MedTech Jobs (Direct & Indirect): 22,500
MedTech Jobs: 6,700
Average MedTech Salary: $46,089
MedTech Contribution to State Economy: $3.1 Billion
(Source: AdvaMed)

Click Here to Learn More About MedTech from our National Partner AdvaMed.

Areas in Bio & Medtech:

  • Health Care (Medical Devices/Pharmaceuticals/Laboratories and more.)
  • Emerging Companies
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Intellectual Property
  • Public Policy
  • Industrial & Environmental
  • Energy
  • Ethics
  • Logistics & Distribution
  • International Trade and much more…

Additional Resources

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Page Sources: www.bio.org / Healing, Fueling, Feeding: How Biotechnology is Enriching Your Life / www.advamed.org / www.whitehouse.gov