Equipment Depot

Student with glasses in laboratoryThe Equipment Depot provides laboratory supplies, consumables and lendable equipment to middle and high school educators in Georgia. The program supports teachers of all subjects to implement biotechnology and laboratory activities in the classroom. In particular, we support the growth of biotechnology programs throughout Georgia by equipping teachers with the necessary equipment to perform the labs involved with the Biotechnology Career Pathway courses.

Our inventory currently includes 25,000 items such as pipettes, tips, gloves, gowns, beakers, graduated cylinders and other glassware, gel rigs, microcentrifuges, etc. View our inventory and prepare your wishlist for pickup during our next Open House.

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Our next Open Houses are January 12 and 14, 2017. Learn more and register now for your time-slot. Pre-registration is required.

Where is the Depot?

The Depot is located in the Brookhaven/Chamblee area of Atlanta.  Please join our next Open House event, or contact us to arrange a pick-up.

How can you help?

Georgia BioEd Institute is looking for an intern to serve as our Equipment Depot Manager. Help us organize and catalog our lending library of laboratory supplies for K-12 classroom use. Manage our online database, package orders, coordinate open house events and pickup/delivery of items. Contact for more info.

We need your help to keep our shelves stocked; if you represent a life sciences company or research laboratory, please consider donating supplies to the Equipment Depot.

The Depot is supplied in large part by: