High School Biotechnology

Pupils Carrying Out Experiment In Science ClassIn 2009 Georgia introduced biotechnology into the curriculum, starting with Essentials of Biotechnology (previously called Introduction to Biotechnology).

Today there is a complete pathway that schools can adopt, Biotechnology Research and Development, consisting of the following consecutive courses:

  • Introduction to Healthcare
  • Essentials of Biotechnology
  • Applications of Biotechnology


Overview of Biotechnology (high school, college and career)


For Biotechnology Research and Development pathway information see the following course standards:

  • Introduction to Healthcare Science standards
  • Essentials of Biotechnology standards
  • Applications of Biotechnology standards
  • Pathways –Choose Biotechnology and Research Development here

Introduction to Biotechnology: A Georgia Teachers Resource Manual (helpful but does not align perfectly with the new revised standards)

Curriculum Support

Biotechnology Resources (currently based on Georgia Pathway Standards)