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Resources - Georgia BioEd Institute


Teaching Resources

Pedersen Science
Great protocols & lab activities for high school biology and biotechnology from Marc Pedersen, Georgia Bio’s 2017 Biotechnology Teacher of the Year, 2016 national BioGENEius Mentor of the Year, and 2015 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics & Science Teaching. Also includes resources for AP bio, AP chem, AP phys, AP environmental. Read about how Marc integrated authentic student-driven inquiry throughout the biotech pathway in this inspiring success story from 2015 (see page 10)! 

New England BioLabs Educational Course Support
Provides some free reagents (i.e., loading dyes, master mix, restriction enzymes) and technical support to high school and collegiate teaching labs and educational courses.

Addgene Protocols for Molecular Biology
Practical lab protocols for basic molecular biology, plasmid cloning, and titering and testing your viral preparations.

Experimental Microbial Genetics – MIT Open Courseware
Several basic and advanced skills protocols including plasmid manipulation, genetic complementation, mutagenesis, PCR, DNA sequencing, enzyme assays, and gene expression studies.

Introduction to Biotechnology: A Georgia Teachers Resource Manual
Developed by Georgia Bio and Dr. Jonathon Wetherington (now Director of Science at Gwinnett County Public Schools).

Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse – collected curriculum from Bio-Link community college and technical school instructors

Biotech Project – Collection of biotech lab activities from University of Arizona.

Core Bioscience Skill Standards & Assessments
Core competencies and assessments for career as a biotechnology technician, developed by the Community College Consortium for Bioscience Credentials (c3bc).

Khan Academy – Biotechnology
Basic overview and instructional videos of biotechnology and DNA cloning, DNA analysis methods, and stem cells.

miniPCR DNA Dots – simple explanations of modern genetic techniques

Biotech Primer Weekly – the science behind the headlines

Student Competitions

  • BioGENEius Challenge – recognizes outstanding research in biotechnology. Winner represents Georgia at the national/international level at the BIO International Convention and compete for cash prizes totaling $20,000.
  • Genes in Space – Design a DNA experiment using Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) in space. Winners launch their DNA experiment to the International Space Station (ISS).
  • iGEM Competition – Encourages students to work together to solve real-world challenges by building genetically engineered biological systems with standard, interchangeable parts. Student teams design, build and test their projects over the summer and gather to present their work and compete at the annual Jamboree. Financial support may be available from New England BioLabs.

Careers In Biotech

Summer Programs for Teachers

Summer Programs for Students