Visiting Scientist Program

What is the Visiting Scientist Program?

Teenagers (15-17) doing science experiment at desk in classroom, Georgia Bio matches scientists from local biotechnology and medtech companies with local biotechnology high school programs to share their experiences, scientific knowledge and information on how science is applied in their businesses.

Benefits to Your Biotech Classroom

  • Students gain exposure to fields related to their course work
  • Students have the opportunity to learn about cutting edge work in the life sciences
  • Students see real world applications of biotechnology

“All students, not just those destined for a scientific, technical, or health-related career, can benefit from the skills that science education can provide—such as critical thinking, data analysis, working in teams, and oral and written communication. The need for scientists to share their unique skills and understanding with their own local school or school system has also never been more pressing.” Scientists in Science Education

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