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Donate Equipment - Georgia BioEd Institute

Donate Equipment

Don’t Waste Your Surplus – Donate It!

The Georgia BioEd Institute Equipment Depot provides grades 6-12 teachers with the supplies and equipment they need to prepare students for careers in the life sciences. We accept donations from companies and universities, and get the supplies into the schools that desperately need it. 

Visit our educator page for the latest inventory and open house dates. Or see below to learn why the Depot exists and how you can help sustain it. Special thanks to our current donors: VWR, Omega Biotek, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Emory University Department of Pathology!


The Problem: While the life science industry needs workers with basic laboratory and research skills, 91% of teachers tell us that the biggest challenge to implementing laboratory activities in the classroom is lack of supplies (107 out of 117 Georgia life science teachers surveyed!).

Barely more than half of Georgia’s middle school students have science teachers with the resources they need to teach effectively. The problem is much worse for students of Black or Hispanic heritage, and for students from low-income families.

The Solution: Georgia BioEd Institute is providing the professional development that teachers need to improve their content knowledge, skills and confidence in implementing biotechnology laboratory activities. Our Equipment Depot then provides teachers with the supplies they need to implement these laboratory activities in the classroom.

How You Can Help: Contact Jordan Rose jrose@gabio.org to get involved in one of these ways:

  1. Donate Supplies
    Redirect your supplies and equipment that are landfill-bound, outdated, ordered in error, etc., including consumable supplies and classroom-appropriate equipment. See our wishlist below. We can arrange pick-up or consult on appropriateness of items for classroom use, and can provide a receipt to document your charitable contribution.
  2. Become a Sponsor
    Your support will help us maintain and expand our storage facilities, employ a fulfillment center, and expand our operation to reach more teachers throughout the state. We accept cash and in-kind contributions. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and your gift may qualify as a charitable deduction for federal income tax purposes.
  3. Make an Online Donation
    Individuals can make a secure online donation to support our efforts.
  4. Volunteer
    We need help collecting and inventorying donated items, and staffing our Open House events.

Equipment Depot Wishlist:

(We cannot accept hazardous materials or chemicals, except agar and agarose.)

  • petri dishes
  • conical tubes
  • Eppendorf tubes (0.2 mL, 1.5 mL)
  • sterile serological pipettes (for transferring media)
  • sterile filters (Whatman)
  • parafilm
  • transfer pipets (plastic)
  • micropipetters (and consumable tips)
  • agar (LB or nutrient)
  • agarose
  • electrophoresis chambers and power supplies
  • water baths (and carousels)
  • heating blocks
  • thermal cyclers
  • incubators
  • freezers
  • vortexers
  • mini microcentrifuges
  • lab coats
  • gowns
  • gloves
  • safety glasses