Donate Equipment

Don’t Waste Your Surplus – Donate It!

The Georgia Bio Equipment Depot provides a central connection point for companies that wish to contribute equipment and supplies to schools.  Not only are all the donations tax-deductible, the companies can know they’re making a worthwhile contribution.

Currently the Institute has two sets of equipment housed at the Depot for lending purposes.  A set may include pipettes, centrifuge, incubator, gel rigs, water bath, and lightbox.  We are in need of many more sets!

The Depot organizes and tracks the donated equipment and supplies and makes the items available to high schools in Georgia.  Currently the depot serves approximately 30 schools.  In order to increase our reach, we need donations!

What do we need?  Check out the list:Distribution

  • Agar
  • gel rigs
  • micropipettes
  • incubators
  • light boxes
  • mini-centrifuges
  • small autoclaves
  • lab coats
  • gloves
  • petri dishes
  • parafilm
  • conical tubes
  • Eppendorf tubes

(We cannot take any chemical donations, except agar, or hazardous material.)

The depot will consider equipment loans from companies on a case-by-case basis.

For more information about donating to the Equipment Depot email or complete the form below.

The Depot is supplied in large part by:


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